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Duracell Demoes Powermat WiCC + NFC Platform

Duracell demoed a rather smart Powermat implementation called the WiCC platform at Mobile World Congress; this would alllow manufacturers to easily embed a wireless charging solution to existing handsets and other devices.

The Wireless Charging Card is compliant with the IEE Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard and according to Engadget, is extremely thin - just a couple of millimeters - and also doubles as an NFC antenna which could be another compelling reason for a rapid adoption.

Manufacturers would need to add a slim connector above the battery leads which could prove to be challenging but ultimately worth it as it would provide with a cheap but very useful feature not found on smartphones that cannot be pried open (like the iPhone).

Powermat President Daniel Schreiber told Engadget that they want to do for wireless power what the memory card did for storage with mobile phones. Duracell used the Samsung Galaxy S2 as a prototype for the demo because it has a slighly recessed battery.

It would be interesting to find out whether Duracell has managed to convince mobile phone manufacturers to bundle the Powermat WiCC card with their phones. Could a financial incentive by Duracell help convince them?

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