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Google Promises Users A Personalised Experience

This Wednesday witnessed top advertising executive at Google, Susan Wojcicki, state that over the next few years the Mountain View based search engine's biggest innovations will be its personalised search results as well as ads.

The comment was made at the Search Marketing Expo conference during a company presentation with both Wojcicki, and Google's director of product management, Jack Menzel, addressing attendees of the conference.

Menzel mentioned that Google is still working on the tools to manage personalised search queries as well as advertising content, reported Computer World.

When asked about what one can expect from the company in a period of three to five years, Wojcicki cited a personal incidence which helped her realise how important it is to have a personalised experience in Google search results.

The executive explained: "To do that, we'll have to do some of the work that we're doing now" in relation to personalisation and "getting to know our users better."

Wojcicki described the ads as just information and stated that the company will soon be reaching that point when ads will be what users "want to see".