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Google's New Privacy Policy Violates EU Legislation

Google Inc. has implemented their new privacy policy despite warnings issued by the European Union. According to the EU, the new policy could potentially be violating European laws.

According to Google Inc., the new changes will facilitate better search results from the popular and highly used search engine website. From now on, any private data received by Google will be made available to all other Google platforms including Gmail, YouTube and Blogger.

However, the French data regulation authority questioned the legality of this new policy and initiated a full fledged investigation. Google has stated that in an effort to simplify its privacy policy the company has decided to merge 60 guidelines of its various individual sites into one single policy, reported BBC.

Since the implementation of the new policy, the browsing data and web history of any Google will now be automatically shared with other Google websites.

Meanwhile, French authority CNIL said that the policy may oppose European laws and also suggested Google to postpone its implementation which the company denied. In a response to the web search company, CNIL stated that they "have strong doubts about the lawfulness and fairness of such processing, and its compliance with European data protection legislation."