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HP Accidentally Leaks Three Editions Of Windows 8

A document leaked accidentally by HP has provided a sneak peek into software giant Microsoft's plan regarding the upcoming Windows 8 operating system platform. The document states that the platform will have three separate individual launches up for sale.

The current operating system platform from Microsoft Windows 7 had six distinct versions, however, this time Microsoft has decided to simplify this and launch just three versions of Windows 8, according to the leaked document.

The document was published by mistake in the HP's website which has since been removed, referring to the Windows 8 SKUs (Stock-Keeping Units).

The document further disclosed that the three version of the platform will be Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 Professional whilst Windows 7 will be available on both 32-bit and 64-bit, reported Expert Reviews.

A fourth version of the Windows 8 for tablet computers will also be available, and will be powered by processors made from ARM architecture. However, as usual Microsoft has decided not to comment about the leaked document, but the absence of the "Home" moniker as well as the new "Starter edition" hints that the company is planning something different from its earlier strategy.