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NASA Needs To Improve Security, Says inspector General

Despite being targeted by cyber criminals on a regular basis, NASA is still not doing enough to safeguard its interest in cyberspace, claimed the agency's inspector general.

Inspector General Paul K. Martin, suggested that if NASA does not strengthen its efforts to tackle cyber threats, it is going to leave itself susceptible against more serious and potentialy damaging consequences in the future.

NASA have fallen victim to more than 5,400 security breaches during the last two years, either through hacking into its network, or the forced-installation of malicious software in its internal systems.

Not just that, but according to Martin's evaluation, the agency lost somewhere around $6.7 million because of stolen export-controlled data as well as other key information.

"NASA needs to improve agency-wide oversight of the full range of its IT assets," Martin wrote in his report, adding: "The attackers had full functional control over these networks," as reported by PC World.

Only recently, the agency also came under severe criticism for allegedly selling its used machines without even erasing the sensitive data stored in their hard drives.