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Noon News: Telefonica's Dual Persona on Samsung Galaxy S II, Fake iPhone Branded Stoves, Windows 8 on ARM for Devs

Telefonica Digital has teamed up with VMWare to offer a new service which permits customers to demarcate between corporate work data and user's personal data stored in their Android platform based devices. This service has been revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. The new service, namely Telefonica Dual Persona service, has been specifically designed to facilitate Information Technology departments to provision as well as manage all the corporate applications, emails and also data present on employees Android smartphones across the air through VMWare's cloud based Horizon Mobile device-management software

Officials in China recently confiscated almost 700 stoves that had Apple's trademark logo. According to various reports by Chinese news agencies, the stoves were recovered from two warehouses located in Wuhan, a Hubei province city in Southeast China. Reports suggest that, these small sized gas stoves having one burner had to be confiscated as they are unsafe and definitely not from Cupertino based tech giant as the logo purportedly suggests.

Qualcomm has announced that it will be providing test computers based on its Snapdragon chips to select developers in order to test and optimise applications for Windows 8 on ARM PCs and tablets. The company notes that the program will be invitation only and that the computer will consist of a "pre-release" version of Windows on ARM with the Snapdragon S4 processor.

Apple has expressed that permitting Proview International Holdings Ltd. to manufacture products under the brand name "iPad" will eventually hurt consumers. At present, Apple is engaged in a battle with Proview over the ownership of "iPad" trademark for their flagship tablet device in China.

Cloud based syncing service provider SugarSync has announced that the company has managed to raise an impressive $15 million series D round. SugarSync further stated that the fund would be used in order to expand its team as well as beef up its existing datacentre infrastructure, which will help the company immensely in implementing its plans to emerge as a key global provider of syncing services.