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Telefonica Unveils VMware Powered Dual Persona Service at MWC

Telefonica Digital has teamed up with VMWare to offer a new service which permits customers to demarcate between corporate work data and user's personal data stored in their Android platform based devices. This service has been revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

The new service, namely Telefonica Dual Persona service, has been specifically designed to facilitate Information Technology departments to provision as well as manage all the corporate applications, emails and also data present on employees Android smartphones across the air through VMWare's cloud based Horizon Mobile device-management software, reported Tech Week Europe.

With the new service companies will be able to access and wipe out corporate information from employees devices even if the device is not accessible and that to without touching the device owners personal profile.

Also, Dual Persona users can jump to their personal profiles from their professional profiles simply by tapping on an icon. In fact, the device owner will keep on receiving notifications from work and personal in both the profiles.

This service will debut with the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone device during the second quarter, this year. The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, will be running this Telefonica Dual Persona service in few other Android based phones as well as tablet computers in upcoming months.