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Three Introduces 4G - No Wait, It's Just Really Fast 3G

Mobile network provider, Three recently announced that the company was planning to launch a 4G network in the UK sometime this year. In a company blog post, the carrier revealed that it was going to roll out a new, faster version of 3G with 42 Mbps HSPA+ connectivity in the country - an offering which it was planning to market as a 4G network.

However, the company seems to have changed their marketing strategy as they have since referred to the new network as a "leading edge 3G service".

"That was our mistake - it's definitely not 4G. It's 3G," a spokesperson from the company clarified in a statement to ZDNet.

Whilst HSPA+ is indeed much faster than 3G, it is still far below the average 4G standards when it comes to network speed - and neither was LTE until late 2010, now known as 4G.

In relation to the advantages compared to 3G technology (such as HSPA+), LTE is not only quick but far more efficient spectrally than its predecessor standards.