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UK Broadband’s 4G Network Goes Live in London

UK broadband has fired up its LTE network in London's Southwark Borough. The new LTE implementation is the UK's first commercial deployment of a 4G network.

The base stations, which utilise TD-LTE (Time Division-Long Term Evolution) technology from Huawei, have already gone live. UK Broadband (UKB) indicated that this installation is the first TD-LTE 3.5GHz deployment anywhere in the world.

UKB will be offering wholsale 4G packages to network operators, allowing them to roll out an LTE service to their customers. Of course those customers will need an LTE compatible device to make use of the service, and these are pretty thin on the ground right now.

UKB CEO, Nicholas James, said "We're very excited to be switching on our first TD-LTE system in the UK using our 4G spectrum." James added, "We're working with Huawei because we believe they have the expertise and experience we need to deliver the best solution."

Source: Tech Week Europe.