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VMWare Amalgamates Spring With Hadoop

VMWare has taken the decision to improve its Spring Java app framework as well as integrate the app with open source Apache Hadoop distribution. This integration will eventually lead to an amalgamation of both services to be named 'Spring Hadoop'.

VMWare is a big name known in the server virtualisation industry, and to establish themselves as a reputable leader, the company has looked to invest in new areas to improve and expand their presence within the marketplace.

In order to prove their success, the company plans to provide the Spring application development framework to all sorts of modern apps, such as the Hadoop MapReduce data muncher.

At the Strata Conference which is currently underway in Santa Clara, VMWare will reveal the Spring Hadoop. However, information related to the service was disclosed via a blog post by staff engineer at the SpringSource division of VMware, Costin Leau.

Posting on the SpringSource Community blog, Leah stated that, "Spring Hadoop stays true to the Spring philosophy offering a simplified programming model and addresses 'accidental complexity' caused by the infrastructure,"

The new Spring Hadoop is now free, operating under the Apache 2.0 licence as an open source service.

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