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Apple iPad 3 / iPad HD Launch Buzz On ITProPortal Liveblog will be live-blogging the launch of the iPad 3 from London, covering the pre-iPad 3 buzz happening over the weekend and the launch, proper, on Wednesday 7th at 1800 UK time. After the event, we will publish a number of post analysis pieces.

Don't forget to follow us live for the coverage of the Apple event on Wednesday evening when the iPad 3 is widely tipped to be launched (rather than iPad HD or iPad 2S) with a surprise "one more thing" announcement - perhaps a new iPad 2 tablet - more than likely.

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19:27 - 07 March

So we're done here. It has been a rather long presentation, longer than usual. Main points. New iPad is called iPad. No funky exotic technologies. Just incremental improvements. Biggest ones being the screen and the camera plus 4G LTE. Still no Siri and potentially no change to the CPU. The other big announcement is the Apple TV which is a 1080p part now, possibly with the same A5X SoC. TBC. Anyway, we're off now. Apple Store is still down for us and the first press release has just arrived.

19:23 - 07 March

I feel that Apple has done that for SEO purposes maybe or to confuse people even more. No more numbers... Just one name...

19:22 - 07 March

An ad is playing with the name of the tablet formerly known as the iPad 3 or iPad HD.... The name of the new iPad is "iPad".

19:21 - 07 March

Only 16GB version will be available.... It is confirmed that the new iPad will be called... the new iPad.

19:20 - 07 March

Apple iPad 2 still on sale at $399 for the iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi. 3G to cost $529

19:20 - 07 March

As a reference point, one of the cores used in the A5X is worth 12 of Nvidia's Tegra 3 cores.

19:19 - 07 March

Nothing much happening ATM. Some are already speculating that the iPhone 5 will be called "the new iPhone". Phil Schiller is back.

19:17 - 07 March

Looking at the sub pixels now, true RGB. Technology developed by Apple. Pixel units look rectangular.

19:16 - 07 March

Some video playing in the background showing how the iPad is such a great product. No news about GPS or Bluetooth. Someone just said 3rd generation iPad in the video.

19:15 - 07 March

Phil Schiller back. Just spent just under a quarter of an hour on iPhoto. No new dock connector by the way.

19:13 - 07 March

Will be funny tomorrow morning doing a recap of the rumours we've heard and how some sources got these so wrong.

19:10 - 07 March

Still stuck on the iPhoto; this is turning out to be longer than I was expecting... Gorgeous app for sure but we've already spent 10 minutes exploring it already.

19:08 - 07 March

It seems - it's only an impression - that the OS is using the sheer rawpower of the improved GPU to get things done faster.

19:05 - 07 March

The iPhoto app is impressive; smart browsing, tap to compare, swipe down to remove... Loads to like... Supports up to 19MP pictures.

19:03 - 07 March

Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect, photo & video applications takes to the stage

19:01 - 07 March

So the "one more thing" came before the announcement of the iPad. Now on to iPhoto which Schiller says is "amazing"

19:00 - 07 March

New iLife as well. it seems.... Loads of demos being displayed. The iPad circa 2012 could turn out to be a massive hit with content creators.

18:56 - 07 March

Next, Garageband and iMovie. Updates for them for free as well. Slew of updates.

18:55 - 07 March

The apps will stay at $9.99 but will be updated

18:54 - 07 March

Phil Schiller is back.... Focusing on the iWork now

18:54 - 07 March

Erm.... Make that processing power as well... Different sites are reporting different things

18:53 - 07 March

Mike Cpps sasys that the new iPad has more memory or screen res than either the Xbox 360 or the PS3

18:53 - 07 March

Apple Store is still down for us. Note that the new iPad is Apple's first product to be LTE. Could that be the watershed moment when LTE finally conquers the world?

18:52 - 07 March

Note, there's STILL no Siri, only dictation.

18:51 - 07 March

Hye, a demo of Infinity Blade, Dungeons.

18:50 - 07 March

Apple appears to be adopting the same naming convention for the rest of its product (except the iPhone). Apple TV, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac.... No number, no dates.

18:50 - 07 March

Epic Games's Mike Capps is on stage

18:49 - 07 March

Gorgeous application. Surely not Autocad but still a great example of how the iPad can be used to do gorgeous things. App will be exclusive to iOS.

18:46 - 07 March

Just to reiterate, there's no iPad 3, just new iPad - that's how EVERYONE who came up the stage actually calls er... the new iPad.

18:46 - 07 March

Next up is Autodesk with Sketchbook.

18:46 - 07 March

Some jet fighting game being demoed from legendary game developer Namco.

18:45 - 07 March

As a side note, I don't remember Apple saying that the processor was actually an enhanced one. A faster GPU was mentioned but not a faster processor.

18:44 - 07 March

Apple now talks about the devs and how they are upping their game to make sure they up their game

18:41 - 07 March

Make that 25 countries..... Pre-ordering begins today.

18:41 - 07 March

New iPad will be available in 11 territories on the 16th and on 23 more on the 23rd of March.

18:40 - 07 March

4G versions will cost $629, $729 and $829 respectively, no 128GB model available.

18:40 - 07 March

16GB version costs $499, 32GB version costs $599 and 64GB $699

18:39 - 07 March

Tablet has 10 hours battery life, 9 hours on 4G, is 9.4mm thick and weighs 1.4 pounds. Not bad at all

18:38 - 07 March

It will have the most wireless bands ever on one device. Something Apple should be proud of... Now down to the battery.

18:38 - 07 March

You will be able to roam on the new iPad on 3G and use them as personal Hotspot

18:37 - 07 March

Two iPad LTE versions for the US confirmed. One for Vrz and the other for ATT

18:37 - 07 March

Others "around the world" will be added soon. Hence why O2 and Three seem to be very active lately with 4G.

18:36 - 07 March

Other carriers include Rogers, Bell and Telus.

18:35 - 07 March

Both Verizon and AT&T will support 4G LTE

18:35 - 07 March

Did I mention that the iPad has voice dictation capabilities as well? Supports Supports US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese.

18:34 - 07 March

Tablet also come with 4G LTE. 21Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA with LTE going all the way to 73Mbps

18:33 - 07 March

Apologies for any typos in the stream by the way. We will get that sorted soonish...

18:31 - 07 March

Records videos at 1080p. A5x chip used to do image stabilisation. Camera also does face detection, auto white balance and autofocus.

18:31 - 07 March

Camera is now better. A five meg sensor. backside illumination, 5 element lens, hybrid IR filter, Apple designd ISP

18:30 - 07 March

A5X is a quad core GPU. So likely to be just a straight forward improvement on the SGX543MP2...

18:29 - 07 March

A5X is 4x faster than the Tegra 3 says Apple while the A5 was twice as fast. Nvidia - which is a partner of Apple - is sure to agree.

18:28 - 07 March

And here comes the A5X processor with some interesting markings that we will look at later.... 51A009P3 1146 APL5498 34350533

18:27 - 07 March

iPad will be available in black and white. Four times more pixels on that screen by the way.

18:27 - 07 March

Screen has 40 p c better colour saturation. There is a physical home button in there if you were ever wondering.

18:26 - 07 March

iPhone 4 was expected to be held at 10-inch, iPad now expected to be held at 15 inch.

18:26 - 07 March

Resolution confirmed to be 2048 x 1536 pixels, 264 ppi. Enough to call it a retina display (as per Apple's definition)

18:25 - 07 March

BTW, Phil Schiller is doing the quick demo and Before that Tom Cook just had a go at a Samsung Galaxy Tab which it said was similar to a blow up smartphone App

18:24 - 07 March

Retina display is in. On a 9.7-inch display

18:23 - 07 March

New iPad announced chaps.... and it is the iPad. No number nothing.... Disappointing.

18:21 - 07 March

Apple says that there is more than 100 competitive tablets on the market. Surely there's much much more than that

18:21 - 07 March

200K native apps for the iPad written till now

18:19 - 07 March

That's more than the 15.1 million PC sold in the same quarter last year. Sorry for that short interruption

18:16 - 07 March

15.4 million iPad sold in Q4 2011 (iPads not iPad Tablet)

18:16 - 07 March

As expected, the Apple TV will be available from the 16th of March for $99. Now over to the iPad

18:15 - 07 March

Tim Cook is back.

18:15 - 07 March

Apple TV can also recommend movies based on what you've seen. TiVo, watch out!!!!

18:15 - 07 March

The Verge notes that the new interface of Apple TV is just like a TV version of iOS. Same like Android TV really (or Canonical's Ubuntu)

18:14 - 07 March

The Verge and PC Mag having a really hard time keeping up

18:13 - 07 March

Support for PhotoStream is included. Third party apps supported. iTunes playlists straight from the cloud

18:13 - 07 March

Some sites out there are struggling with traffic I can tell you.... Anyway, Eddy Cue now up on the stage to give a demo of the new Apple TV.

18:11 - 07 March

New Apple TV announced with support for 1080p, streamlined new user interface.... The verge goes down... Error 500

18:11 - 07 March

100 million customers for iCloud already. iTunes in the cloud now supports movies and 1080p.

18:09 - 07 March

585,000 apps on the App store, 25 billion apps downloaded.

18:09 - 07 March

Siri coming to Japan as part of iOS 5.1. Which means that the iPad 3 will run iOS 5.1 rather than iOS 6.0

18:07 - 07 March

So back to the presi, 62 million iOS devices sold in the last quarter, 315m since iOS devices were launched

18:06 - 07 March

Hello by the way to the 350 people reading this article at the same time. Nice to have you around.

18:06 - 07 March

Nothing, nothing, nothing happening at the moment...

18:05 - 07 March

Now demo video of Apple Stores around the world

18:04 - 07 March

In comparison, Paypal has around 107 million registered active users (that's figures I am quoting off of my head)

18:03 - 07 March

Apple has 362 retail stores and 110 million visitors in Q4 2011. Which is enormous.

18:03 - 07 March

Talks about Apple Store, the latest one in Amsterdam - no news about a Texas one as rumoured

18:02 - 07 March

Apple PR a few days ago mentioned that 315 million iOS devices were out in the wild.

18:01 - 07 March

Focusing on the iPad now. 172 million post PC devices been sold last year (that would be in 2011). That's 76 per cent of company's revenues.

18:01 - 07 March

Goes through the list of Post-PC devices, ipod touch, iphone and ipad.

17:59 - 07 March

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is on stage. Talks about Post-PC revolution

17:57 - 07 March

We've got a nifty live blogging tool now courtesy of our development team who managed to produce it in a short time. Theverge's autorefresh is working now and we've added Cnet to our roster of Liveblogs.

17:56 - 07 March

It looks like the Verge's liveblog is having some issues with autorefresh. It's a pity that Gizmodo is no longer allowed at Apple's event. Let see what Cnet has.

17:54 - 07 March

Everybody's nervously waiting for the event to start in 7 minutes.

17:48 - 07 March

As per the previous years, there's no live feed audio or video. You will need to come back later for a video podcast which will be posted on Apple's website.

17:48 - 07 March

So we're starting early with our Liveblog for the iPad 3 or iPad HD. We're covering four different websites, Engadget, TheVerge, GDGT and PCMag.

17:21 - 07 March

Just a few minutes now (45 to be more precise). And here's our latest round of iPad 3 related articles, boy we have been busy today!

16:00 - 07 March

Ladies and gents. The Apple store is down. I repeat, the Apple Store is down. We all know what that means.

11:23 - 07 March

Only a few hours to go now before the iPad 3 or the iPad HD appears on stage in California. We will be live blogging the event right here from 1800 GMT. For now, here's our latest roundup of iPad 3 related articles.

23:01 - 06 March

Our last iPad 3 update for the day.

16:31 - 06 March

Roughly one day to go before the iPad 3 event starts. Here is our latest list of articles on Apple's forthcoming tablet.

10:57 - 06 March

Here's our latest list of iPad 3 tablet related articles

17:29 - 05 March

More iPad 3 leaks coming out.

13:03 - 05 March

Is that an exclusive? Did Belkin Confirm iPad 3 Name? Also, there are rumours that Apple iPad 3 Could Be Called iPad HD. Oh and the Apple iPhone 4 is now costing as little as £22.67 per month - which is ridiculously cheap for a smartphone with Apple's logo slapped on.

10:30 - 05 March

Only 48 hours or so till the iPad 3 is launched. One rumour that still persists is a smaller version of the iPad (either an iPad 3 or an iPad 2) which will be released soon.

23:42 - 04 March

Ahead Of iPad 3 Launch, Apple App Store Hits 25 Billion Downloads

23:15 - 03 March

Perhaps the first instance of an App supporting the iPad 3 super high resolution; an exclusive!

19:46 - 02 March

Meanwhile, iPad 2 rivals cut their prices; the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi is only £279 now while there are rumours of a cheaper, 8GB iPad 2 in the air.

16:42 - 02 March

Apple has yet to cut the price of the iPad 2 in the UK despite the forthcoming release of the iPad 3 next week. We believe that there would well be a 128GB iPad 3 launched on Wednesday, one which could cost £639 - check the reasons why we think that this will happen. We have dissected the Media Event invitation photo and found out some pretty interested clues and even tried to create one ourselves using the existing iPad 2 although it proved to be more difficult than we'd thought.

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