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Google Street View Captures Peeing Frenchman, Gets Sued

Google has been dragged into court by a Frenchman for allegedly publishing a photo that showed him urinating in his front yard in the company's Street View app.

According to the complainant, the image, which was captured by Google's Street View cameras, has now turned him into a laughing stock in the entire rural northwest France, particularly in his village. Reports in the local media suggest that the complainant is a middle aged man, likely to be in his early 50's and lives in a village if around 3000 population.

"The man thought he was hidden from view by his closed gate as he relieved himself in November 2010. But Google's lens caught him from above his gate as it passed by," as claimed by a Reuters report.

In his complaint, the man demanded the court's intervention to remove his pic from the app at the soonest possible.

Google, as a matter of fact, did blur his face in the image before uploading it online. However, the complainant claimed in his lawsuit that the locals managed to identify him even though his face was blurred out. The man is also asking for 10,000 euros in compensation from the search giant.