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Intel WiDi Set To Be Replaced By WiGig?

Intel could well be looking at replacing the decidedly low key WiDi technology with WiGig sooner that we'd expect.

WiDi is a proprietary Intel implementation of WirelessHD which is essentially wireless HDMI on the 60GHz band. The technology is present - as WiDi 2.0 - in all Intel Sandy-bridge laptops with support for 1080p video playback.

Somehow though, WiDi is not becoming common place perhaps doomed by its too-narrow focus as a replacement for HDMI.

In comparison, WiGig, whose chairman, Dr Ali Sadri, we met at Mobile World Congress, is more universal and is presented as a short-range complement of Wi-Fi therefore expanding its remit.

Perhaps the most interesting titbit is the rumour over a wireless docking station for ultrabooks that uses WiGig technology across the board to power video, connectivity and audio.

The rumour, courtesy of VR-zone, indicates that Intel will work on extending WiGig support the same way it did with PCI and USB years ago.

Sadri, who is the director of Intel's Mobile Wireless Group, told us that the success of WiGig would depend a lot on the success of the ultrabook.

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