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Internet Explorer 9 Trumps Google Chrome And Firefox In US Market

New figures from Net Applications have shown how Redmond based software powerhouse Microsoft Corp.'s flagship web browser, Internet Explorer 9, is continuing its domination over the US as well as international markets.

Internet Explorer 9, according to Net Application's figures, was not-so-closely followed by Google Chrome and Firefox in terms of market share.

The standard practise within the browser industry sees the market shares of its competitors fluctuating at various paces, however, Microsoft's IE9 seems to have become immune to this trend as the browser has been consistently exhibiting some rather impressive performances. more so on the Windows 7 OS platform.

As of February this year, the US market share bagged by IE9 on the Windows 7 platform stood at 40 per cent. Mozilla came second on the chart with its open source browser Firefox securing a 16.8 per cent share, with Google's Chrome coming third with only a 12.5 per cent stake.

The steady growth of IE9 is indeed "great news for consumer and developers alike who benefit from the richer web experiences and standards support in IE9 - experiences and supports that will continue to get better and better as we introduce IE10," Roger Caprioti, director of the Internet Explorer Marketing group wrote on the official IE blog.

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