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iPad 3 Launch : No Price Cut For iPad 2 In the UK Yet

Apple has yet to cut the price of the iPad 2 tablets in the UK ahead of the launch of the iPad 3 on Wednesday.

Although there have been some rumours (and even blatant errors) about possible price cuts in the US (notably through Radioshack), no big, significant price cuts have been recorded yet over here and Apple US has not changed the price of its iPad range yet.

The only noteworthy offer in the UK comes from Viking which is giving a £20 iTunes voucher with an iPad 2 for £322+VAT for the iPad 2 16GB model.

We'd advise those looking to buy a tablet to stay put until next week as we expect retailers will try to clear their stocks soon afterwards.

In addition, it's worth considering official, Apple refurbished iPad 2 models which are on average around 11 per cent cheaper than on the suggested retail price with the only difference between the inability to get customised engraving. will be live-blogging the event from London, covering the pre-iPad 3 buzz happening over the weekend and the launch on Wednesday 7th. You can follow our real-time thread.

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