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Microsoft Partners Up With Hortonworks For Excel-Hadoop Mash-Up

Hortonworks has teamed up with software company Microsoft to manufacture tools compatible with Hadoop as well as boost the framework's popularity.

Hortonworks is a spin off company of Yahoo! and is known for its Hadoop distribution as well as training services. Currently engaged in the development of a connector for linking Excel and Hadoop, the open source massive data processing platform is hoping to create quite the buzz in the virtual marketplace.

This is not the first time Hortonworks has joined hands with Microsoft, with a previous partnership witnessing Hadoop run on the Windows Server.

Both companies are currently working on the development of Hive ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver, which will see it expand its data analysis capacity to cover Excel, reported Enterprise Apps Today.

It is hoped that with the new model, the companies will bring "Hadoop powered functionality of business intelligence to venerable spreadsheet software through Microsoft's PowerPivot."

According to CEO at Hortonworks, Eric Baldeschwieler, "There are many more millions of Excel and PowerPivot users that can also now derive value from Apache Hadoop using software that is already very familiar to them".

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