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Microsoft Recruits Google Critic, FTC Lawyer Randall Long

Reports have confirmed that Microsoft Corp. has hired FTC attorney, Randall Long, as the head of the company's regulatory affairs division located in Washington.

Long is renowned for leading the investigations into Google's takeover of AdMob and DoubleClick. The FTC lawyer earlier criticised a number of acquisitions made by Google over antitrust grounds.

Microsoft has now appointed him as a lobbyist with the aim of keeping federal regulators on the company's case. Long will be joining Microsoft towards the end of March.

Highlighting the new appointment, Microsoft's spokesman said: "We hope that Mr. Long will abide by the FTC's ethics rules and not lobby the FTC on Google matters or use confidential information in his new position," published CNET.

Another company source disclosed that the renowned lawyer has been quite outspoken on the AdMob acquisition of Google and that FTC should be challenging this deal. However, the reservations were later set aside in 2010 once the deal became approved.

It's no surprse that no love is lost between these organisations, with Microsoft's reputation as a well known critic of Google seeing them initiate a number of complaints over the past few years.

Microsoft has so far refused to reveal any information relating to Long's role in the company.

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