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Ofcom To Enforce Users' Mobile Phone Limits

Ofcom has announced that it will take all the necessary measures to ensure that mobile phone customers can set their own usage limit, and therefore be spared from receiving extortionately high bills.

According to the telecommunications regulator, approximately 1.4 million UK mobile phone users received shockingly steep bills in the past six months. A review was then set by Ofcom which concluded that high data roaming charges was the main culprit, leading to the excessive phone bills. There were also instances when a stolen or lost phone was found and used by someone else, resulting in the monthly bill being much larger than the original owner of the phone might have expected.

Under current guidelines, if a phone is stolen and falls into the hands of a thief, then it is the responsibility of the owner to pay the full amount.

However, Ofcom has stated that it is currently trying to "explore the feasibility of limiting the amount consumers would be liable for if their phone was stolen," confirmed The Guardian.

The regulator also stated that if phone providers do not offer enough support to their consumers to tackle the issue of unexpectedly high phone bills in an efficient and suitable manner, it "may consider mandatory options to tackle the problem" on its own.

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