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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Surpasses 1 Million Downloads on Day 1: Microsoft

Microsoft announced yesterday that the Consumer Preview version of its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system has registered over 1 million downloads right on the day 1 of its availability.

The preview edition was made available for public testing on Wednesday from approximately 9:30 AM EST. "One day million downloads of the consumer preview," the Redmond based software vendor tweeted on a proud note, reports PC Advisor.

This figure was reached in lesser time compared to the earlier developers-preview release of the OS platform. If the Consumer Preview edition manages to retain the same positive response from users like it did on the very first day of availability, chances are high that it will surpass the 3 million download figure over the coming weekend itself.

During the launch of the Consumer Preview edition, Steven Sinofsky described Windows 8 as "modern", "fluid" and "fast". "Windows 8 is a generational change in the windows operating system," Sinofsky bragged.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft is also counting heavily on Windows 8 for regaining its gradually diminishing desktop OS empire. Earlier, HP accidentally provided a sneak peak into the versions of Windows 8. As per HP's ‘goof up' it seems that unlike Windows 7, there will be 3 versions of the Windows 8 operating system for desktop systems. There will be a fourth variant of Windows 8 aimed at tablets.