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Zynga Launches Social Gaming Platform as "Facebook is Not a Home Just for Games"

Zynga, in its effort to break free from Facebook's shadow, has launched its own standalone website as a beta version, dubbed, yesterday.

Zynga, a Silicon Valley based game developer company and maker of some great games on Facebook has decided to try its hands at becoming a consumer brand. Besides, Farmville the other popular games that Zynga offered included CityVille and Mafia Wars.

Zynga earns a huge part of its revenue when the gamers purchase various virtual goods by using Facebook credits. 30 per cent of the total money generated this way goes into the pocket of Facebook. Thus, both the parties are earning considerable amount of money from these games.

Lead product manager at, Reed Shaffner, stated, " is going to give us a more direct relationship with players...Facebook is not a home just for games." reported The Telegraph.

"We needed to build a great home for our players to play on... a home for play...For us to deliver our vision of one billion people playing Zynga games, we needed" Shaffner added.

However, despite its efforts to break free from social networks it is still very much attached to it as gamers will have to log in using Facebook credentials.