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Microsoft's Visual Studio 11 Beta Leaves Little To The Imagination - Literally

Up for offer by Microsoft is their exclusive brand new User Interface, Visual Studio 11. An improved reincarnation of the popular IDE, Visual Studio 11 this week entered public beta - much to the criticism of developers.

The new UI has quite a number of changes such as the removal of separators, shadows, boxes, gradients, and bevels, with graphics and icons downgraded. Features considered "cnnecessary" such as the commands of the conventional cut and paste technique have also been removed from the toolbars.

However, the most significant and controversial change is the elimination of pretty much all colour from the User Interface, reported Info World.

The changes were first announced via Microsoft's official blog - which appear to not have gone down well by consumers as well as developers.

Numerous harsh comments have been posted regarding the overhaul, with one blogger writing: "After seeing the first screenshot of the toolbars, I actually thought this was some kind of April Fool's Day joke about making [Visual] Studio look like Windows 3.1, or an X11 desktop from 1995."

Looks like the company will have to deliver something pretty impressive should they wish users to believe in 'a change for the better'.

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