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EA Games Comments On GAME Issues

Electronic Arts has released a statement about the recent issues it's had with the GAME retail chain, as well as advising consumers where else they can buy upcoming EA titles.

"It's unfortunate that GAME is having challenges with its suppliers, however consumers have many alternatives both in-store and online," reads the statement. "Our first priority is to inform our consumers of the many other retailers carrying our games. We don't anticipate any delay in getting our titles to market."

Pre-order links for titles like Mass Effect 3, Fifa Street, Sims 3 Showtime and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 have been updated, suggesting other outlets where users can reserve a copy of the much anticipated games. Those who have already pre-ordered with GAME are encouraged to do so again through an alternative.

Fortunately for anyone worried, there are plenty of copies left in each of the listed outlets, though if you're looking for a copy of the Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition, you'll need to be quick as there are only three potential sellers that haven't sold out as of yet.

Rumours sprung up earlier today that GAME may not be around for much longer even in its current EA-free form, as executives ponder whether to shut down all stores to avoid further losses. Along with fellow high street media seller HMV, the chain has been doing progressively worse in recent months with many blaming the gaming industry's attack on the used game sector and the increased trend of digital downloads.

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