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Exclusive : Did Belkin Confirm iPad 3 Name?

iPad Accessories manufacturer Belkin put up a page containing a screen guard protector for the iPad 3 on its German and Italian website and a "Cinema Leather Folio With Stand For iPad 3" accessories page on its US website before pulling all three down.

Thanks to Google cache, we've been able to retrieve the page's content. The description page shows what looks like the iPad 2 that we all know and the fact that the product carries the ID number F8N617cw2 (an existing screen protector for the iPad 3) leads us to believe that it might just be a place holder.

What could that mean? The front facia of the iPad 3 could be the same size as the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 will have a home button. Belkin US also had a Belkin Cinema Leather Folio with Stand, the F8N756, which has yet to be released.

This could well be the follow up to its "Verve Folio Stand for iPad 2" which is essentially a variant on Apple's own Smart Cover. has a live blog of the event from London, covering the pre-iPad 3 buzz happening in the hours prior to the launch, rumours and the launch itself on Wednesday 7th. We suggest that you follow and bookmark this real-time live blog thread.

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