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Google Chrome Users Are The Smartest Around (Sorry Firefox And IE)

Are you a Chrome, Firefox or IE user? Well apparently, a new study has found that users of a certain browser may be smarter than those using different web browsers.

A few months back, a story doing the Internet rounds claimed that people who used Internet Explorer were found to have a lower IQ than those using other browsers. For those genuinely worried for their intelligence, the story turned out to be a hoax - however, an experiment has since emerged to reveal that there might be a sense of truth in it after all.

Examining users' proficiency into problem-solving, Patrick Min decided to conduct his own investigation through the use of his site when he first heard about the aforementioned rumours - and following two years of extensive data and over a million solved puzzles, he found no positive correlation with standard puzzles. However, he did find that when pitted against the clock, Chrome users ranked top spot.

A story by SimplyZesty found that those using Firefox came second, with Internet Explorer users taking last place as the slowest when solving puzzles - as well as being the most likely group to give up on puzzles altogether.

Just for the record, this does not necessarily mean that Chrome users are the smartest with IE users being the least intelligent of the browser pack. Min hopes to explore the use of Safari as well as variants of IE, in order to provide greater detail of his findings.

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