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Popcorn Horror App Aims To Change Way Movies Are Made

The idea of short form video content on mobile has been around for about a decade, but the secret to success content business is always the quality of the content, an audience, and a business model.

A new start up from Glasgow may have cracked the model.

Popcorn Horror is the brainchild of Felix Gilfedder. Felix is a life long filmmaker himself. With 10 independent short films and a few film awards under his belt he has blended his love of films, the horror genre, and technology to create Popcorn Horror.

Available on Android, iPhone and iPad, the app delivers a bite sized horror cinema experience in the palm of your hand, through a beautifully crafted UI.

The secret sauce of Popcorn Horror is the fact that it is much more than just a consumer facing content delivery platform, Felix has created a two-sided ecosystem. He has independent filmmakers from all over the world sending him films every week for distribution on the platform. This is where Felix's filmmaker credentials and contacts give him the edge.

I sat down with Felix to ask him a few questions:

1.When did Popcorn Horror launch, and can you share any details on how things are going?

Popcorn Horror launched Halloween 2011. With zero marketing budget, we got around 100 downloads and around 800 sessions a day. By the end of this month we expect to double downloads and reach 1,000 sessions a day. Our goal for the first six months is 400 -500 downloads a day with between 4,000 - 8,000 sessions a day. Once we hit that milestone we will look to translate our app for a foreign market, ble these figures and grow from there.

Needless to say there have been plenty of bumps in the road and we decided to launch the app as a Beta and debug as we go. Only now are we starting to get a more settled and rounded experience between loading times, user interface and content.

2.How many films are you receiving each day?

We receive around 4 -6 films a day.

3.What is the business model?

The business model works in two stages. First I want to grow the app while we cover our costs. At the moment all the content is free but you can become a premium user and life member for a one off fee of £3.99.

We will experiment with the model by locking the back catalogue (when the archive becomes big enough). People will be able to watch a selection of films and all new films moving forward, but if they want to watch something from the back catalogue they can unlock it by buying a premium pass. We also sell merchandise.

4.What's next for Popcorn Horror?

I would like to explore foreign markets and we have big plans for our web channel, but I can't say anything more about that at the moment.

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