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Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs : Expect A Screen 25 Per Cent Bigger Than The Galaxy S2's

Using Pythagoras theorem and the purported details provided by technology website BGR, we managed to find out the expected display dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

BGR says that the Galaxy S3 will have a 16:9 screen ratio, a full HD resolution (that's 1920 by 1080 pixels) and a 4.8-inch diagonal display - which is enough information to calculate that the device will have a screen 106.3mm long and 59.8mm wide.

In comparison, the Galaxy S2 has a screen 94.6mm long and 53.2mm wide while the Galaxy Note has a screen 114.1mm long and 71.3mm wide (note that the Galaxy Note has a 16:10 screen ratio).

With those assumptions in mind, the Samsung S3 would have a screen 26 per cent bigger than that of the Galaxy S2 and 28 per cent smaller than the massive Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy S3 is expected to have a pixel density of 459ppi, that is more than twice the pixel density of the Samsung Galaxy S2 which topped 217ppi. In comparison, the Galaxy Note has a pixel density of 285ppi and the iPhone 4S, 326ppi.

One might therefore expect the S3 to be midway between the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Note when it comes to size unless Samsung goes radical and roll out a frameless/borderless chassis.

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