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£199.95 Sony BDVE280 Black 5.1 Blu-ray Package System including Speakers

The Sony BDVE280 is a sleek Blu-ray home theatre package system including 5.1 channel speakers - thanks to Sony's latest ‘Monolithic' design.

At the heart of package system is an impressive Blu-ray player equipped with some of the latest technologies from Sony that provide stunning results for all your movies - vibrant, sharp and smooth running images with fast motion. The Blu-ray player is 3D compatible and plays a variety of videos including MKV, XviD and the superior sounding SACDs (Super Audio Compact Discs).

The speakers included along with the home theatre package output a total audio of 1000 watts with the subwoofer coping well with dynamic soundtracks while the small speakers creating a spacious sound giving you the feeling of virtual surround sound.

Sony has also included BRAVIA Internet capabilities to the Blu-ray player thereby allowing you to tap into the world of internet content using apps like BBC iPlayer and YouTube. Through the use of a simple web browser you can access most of the websites. The player also includes an iPod/iPhone dock allowing you to listen to your favourite songs right from your iDevices.

You may also claim Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 3D Blu-ray films FREE with the purchase of this Blu-ray home theatre package.

The Sony BDVE280 Black 5.1 Blu-ray Package System including Speakers is available from Richer Sounds for £199.95.