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4G LTE Enabled iPad 3 Is A Sure Thing

It's time for the last of the iPad 3 rumours, as this time tomorrow we'll all get to find out details about the real thing.

The hottest buzz surfacing on the Internet these days suggests that the third generation iPad will offer support for high-speed, 4G, Long Term Evolution data connectivity.

This rumour about this high-end feature is not new, but until now has been more wishful thinking.

Now, iMore is quoting anonymous sources and is sure that "LTE is good to go", on the third generation Apple tablet.

However, one mystery on this matter remains, as Apple has to prepare the iPad 3 for various 4G bands that are being used internationally.

On the US market, the LTE enabled iPad 3 is expected to be included in the AT&T and Verizon offers to their subscribers, as Wall Street Journal suggested a while ago.

Considering the technology the two US carriers have, Verizon is perceived to be the main winner of the situation.

iMore still hangs on speculation that a quad-core processor is to be integrated into the upcoming iPad, despite numerous rumours that dismisses this assumption.

We only wish the iMore team has well documented sources, but we'll know for sure, in less than 24 hours.

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