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Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 : 15-inch Ultrabook With Optical Drive

Acer has bent the rules for the ultrabook sector by announcing a model, the Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, that shares more with a traditional laptop than with your run-of-the-mill ultrabook.

The M3 packs a 15-inch display (possibly with a 1,600 by 900 pixels resolution), a 2-spindle design which allows a combination of SSD, HDD or optical drives to coexist, a dedicated graphics card, the yet to be announced Nvidia Geforce GT640M GPU based on the Kepler architecture and what Acer calls "the latest Intel Core processor" which we will assume is Sandy Bridge rather than Ivy Bridge (Acer says that the M3 will be in store worldwide by the end of March 2012, Ivy Bridge has yet to be announced).

Acer has also included a "Green Instant-on" feature that allows the computer to resume from sleep mode in 1.5 seconds while Acer Instant Connect feature manages to get users online in only 2.5 seconds, which Acer says is four times faster than conventional methods.

Other features on the spec sheet include an eight hour battery life, a 20mm profile, optional optical drive, a full size chiclet keyboard with a numeric keypad, a black cover with an aluminium alloy and Dolby Home Theater v4.

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