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Adidas Is Suing THQ For $10 Million

Adidas is suing THQ - the last thing the publisher needs - for $10 million because it failed to fulfill its contract to produce a game based around the miCoach app.

The suit was filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, citing the in-trouble publishing giant as being responsible for having a product on the shelves by January 2012. Since that hasn't happened, it's now being sued.

miCoach is a digital exercise measuring system that Adidas is hoping will be able to compete with the likes of Nike and others' own applications and offerings. A game would certainly have set it apart, but that doesn't look set to happen now. In fact it'll be surprising if THQ launches any games in 2012, considering the problems it's been having.

Apparently though, the publisher did put some effort into the game, having given it the working title of "MiCoach 24/7" though details beyond that are scarce. During the layoffs seen earlier this year, THQ had to let go most of those working on it.

Adidas is claiming damage to the tune of $10.6 million and is requesting an injunction that THQ not be able to sell or transfer the rights of the miCoach game to any other company. According to Oregon Live, the sports equipment/clothing maker has said as part of the suit that THQ refused to transfer the rights to an alternative developer after it was revealed, the game would not be completed on time.

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