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Android's Robot Wins Mobile Browsing Popularity Contest

In one corner, we have renowned web browser Opera whilst in the other corner, lies the mighty Android Robot. Who will win? Google, obviously.

In the race to be crowned world's best mobile browser, it appears that Opera have fallen short of the mark to be beaten by Google champion, Android Robot.

According to statistics compiled by web analytics firm, StatCounter, February 2012 saw Android Robot lead the way with an impressive 22.67 per cent market share, with Opera covering 21.7 per cent and iPhone's Safari with 21.06 per cent. Nokia and BlackBerry ranked fourth and fifth respectively, clinching 11.24 per cent and 6.53 per cent share.

Despite Opera's rising popularity over the past 12 months, its rapid decline began to show in the opening of 2012 - losing its market share to the likes of iPhone's Safari and Android Robot, reported Mashable.

However, StatCounter has categorised usage of the iPod Touch separately, which could have resulted in a different story and see Apple's browser claim the top spot. Next year could paint a very different picture as the new Windows Phone IE along with Google's latest Chrome offering could lead to some interesting competition, but only time will tell whether or not Google will remain top dog in the mobile web browsing stakes.

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