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Apple iPad 3 Is Called iPad HD Says Yet Another Source

After Gizmodo, The Verge and a number of accessory listings, Venturebeat's Devindra Hardawar now says that the next generation iPad 3 will actually be called the iPad HD citing a reliable source.

The next iPad is rumoured to have a high resolution, as much as 2048 by 1536 pixels which is four times as many pixels as the current iPad and iPad 2 tablet which means that this new iPad will be able to play HD content although it will be a long shot to call it a "Retina Display" device as it hits "only" 264 ppi while the iPhone 4S reaches 326ppi.

But since the whole concept of "retina display" depends on how far the user is from the screen, Apple could well pull a rabbit out of a hat somehow.

Pushing four times as many pixels will require a much better GPU rather than a more powerful CPU. The current A5 comes with an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX543 MP2, pushing 68M polygons at 200MHz.

Could The A5X (or the A6) be the first system on chip to use ImgTec's PowerVR Series6 otherwise known as Rogue, one which can push up to 350M polygons per sec?

Apple owns 8.9 per cent of ImgTech and have first licensing rights alongside Intel which owns 14.9 per cent of the company. has a live blog of the event from London, covering the pre-iPad 3 buzz happening in the hours prior to the launch, rumours and the launch itself on Wednesday 7th. We suggest that you follow and bookmark this real-time live blog thread.

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