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How Much Will The iPad 3 Cost?

Apple plans to make the already highly anticipated iPad 3 even more appealing, by offering it at the same price as the current iPad 2.

Despite numerous reports that suggested the incoming iPad 3 will be more expensive than the iPad 2 by $80 / £50, now anonymous sources dismiss this rumour.

To make this news even better for International Apple fans, 9to5Mac suggests that iPad 3 will be available at a lower price, thanks to the currency exchange.

At the same time, Apple might cut prices for older models. This strategy has been seen before, and with great success for the company smartphones - the Cupertino based company slashed prices drastically for previous iPhones, after the release of iPhone 4S.

In addition, to adjust iPad prices for the cutthroat competition in the tablet market, Apple is expected to release a smaller version of IPad, sometime this fall.

The rumoured iPad mini has a specific mission: to fight with cheap entry level Android tablets, that have taken the market by storm of late.

The most popular of which is Amazon's Kindle Fire that despite its modest features, is still perceived as an iPad challenger, due to its better portability and lower cost.

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