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Internet Explorer 9: The Most Common Questions Answered

Should enterprises wait for Internet Explorer 9 before deploying Windows 7?

We recommend that organizations who have just started their Windows® 7 and Internet Explorer® 8 migration planning, or are currently in the application testing phase of their Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 migration projects, switch to testing, piloting and deploying Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

For organizations that are currently deploying Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, we recommend that they continue with these deployments. This will allow organizations to realize the benefits of Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 immediately. In parallel, we also recommend that these organizations pilot Internet Explorer 9 and make Internet Explorer 9 part of their longer-term desktop strategy. Because of the high degree of compatibility between Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9, investments made while deploying Internet Explorer 8 today will apply to Internet Explorer 9 deployments.

How can Internet Explorer 9 help our organization standardize the web browser on desktops PCs?

Internet Explorer 9 is the only web browser that supports modern web standards such as HTML5, and provides nearly 1,500 Group Policy settings. Internet Explorer 9 supports the specific deployment, management, and support needs of enterprises. Additionally, users will enjoy Internet Explorer 9; a positive experience can help drive acceptance of a standard web browser across the company.

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