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iPad 3 Expected To Contribute To The Downfall Of The PC

The hottest newcomer on the tablet market, the third generation iPad, with its rumoured impressive set of features - is believed to be one of the future factors that could push personal computers, on a downward slope.

This prediction was made a while ago by Tim Cook himself. Apple's CEO relied on numerous reports from reputable analysts and research companies, where he pointed out that as iPads evolve, with the fierce competition in the Android tablet army, will all push forward the tablet market.

The growth in this arena is made on the expense of personal computers, as customers are more and more inclined to choose portability

Two years ago, when the original iPad hit the market, tablets were a side business. Now the Cupertino based company has managed to sell 15 million iPads. In the last quarter of 2011, tablets brought to the Apple vaults about $9.15 billion, which equals 20 per cent of their total revenue.

However, there is a cost for this growth, as Tim Cook notices. "From the first day it shipped, we thought - not just me, many of us thought at Apple - that the tablet market would become larger than the PC market, and it was just a matter of the time that it took for that to occur," said Apple CEO.

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