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iPhone 4S And China Mobile's SIM Card Incompatibility Fixed

According to a recent press release, issued by China Mobile, Apple fans that have the latest iPhone from the carrier will now have one less thing to worry about.

At the beginning of this month, "China Mobile announced a solution to the signal problems plaguing many iPhone 4S owners." Previously, Apple acknowledged the problem that many iPhone 4S owners had, on China's top carrier networks.

The iPhone 4S users were not able to activate their SIM cards and sometimes they could not even place phone calls, and with a full signal - explained China Telecom.

The problem is down to China Telecom relying on a GSM network, with support for P (885-915MHZ) and E (880-890MHz) frequency bands.

Apples' smartphones offer support for the P frequency band, which is designed mainly for use indoors.

The second band frequency is mainly for outdoor, and this is why iPhone 4S owners couldn't make phone calls, even when the handset indicated a full signal.

Apple, in order to address the issue has updated its system and all iPhone 4S handsets manufactured after February 8th, which will be delivered with support for both frequency bands.

As for the rest of the iPhones currently on the market, Apple will release a software update in the following days.

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