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Lulzsec Leader Sabu Collaborated With FBI For Months

Remember Lulzsec? The hacktivist group that was high fiving Anonymous whilst sailing its Lulzship? Turns out the leader of that group was arrested sometime last year and has since been collaborating with the FBI to help track down other high profile hackers.

According to the report over at Fox News, this morning saw the arrest of five more members of the long defunct hacking group Lulz Security. Three have so far been detained, with two others charged with conspiracy. Two of these men were from the UK, another two from Ireland and one American.

Feeling rather pleased with itself, a spokesperson for the FBI was quoted as saying: "This is devastating to the organization. We're chopping off the head of LulzSec."

It had to wipe some egg of its face at least, considering the recent embarrassment of having its own conference call with the UK's Scotland Yard hacked and recorded by Anonymous.

Gizmodo has even more details, citing sources and the article's author as previous contacts with the nefarious Sabu. Apparently he'd grown far more distant in recent months. Now it seems that could be because he'd been collaborating with the FBI and other law enforcers.

Interestingly, Sabu's official Twitter has remained active since his supposed arrest, though admittedly nothing has been posted in the past 15 hours. The last tweet reads: "Die Revolution sagt ich bin, ich war, ich werde sein." Which translates roughly - according to free tools - that he was the revolution and will continue to be.

Some are questioning the release though, with Anonymous purportedly claiming it has known about this for days. The general consensus however is that this doesn't matter. As Anonymous always says, it is Legion. Where one falls, others take his place.

Though in this instance, it'll be interesting to see how many Sabu pulls down with him.

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