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MSI Debuts New Commercial All-in-One PCs At CeBIT

MSI has shown off a new range of commercial All in One PCs at CeBIT 2012, offering varied sizes and functionality for a wide variety of uses.

Coming in two series known as Business and Entertainment, each one will have two size options. In the former there's the AP16 16 inch model and the larger 20 inch AP2011. Entertainment users however will have access to the 19 inch AE1931 and the 22 inch AE2211.

The Professional series models are designed for business use, so as well as including LED backlit technology to keep the power usage down, they also come with the ability to attach cash registers, bar-code readers and similar related hardware. It also supports fast boot from USB, allowing for alternative operating systems to be used without the need of an internal hard drive.

The Entertainment models are a little more exciting, since they both feature adjustable screens that are touch compatible. Mouse and keyboard can also be attached for increased functionality in certain environments. Each display is 1920x1080 full HD, though the larger of the two is powered by second generation Intel Core processors and the smaller by the more mobile Atom.

MSI has also said each Entertainment All-in-One will feature a "Fun Kit" which includes the Smart Media Link and Smart Sync functions found in earlier models of the hardware, as well as a range of audio and visual entertainment software. This makes it far easier to demo videos, games or music on the devices.

Source: MSI

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