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Square Unveils Exclusive Register App For iPad

New mobile payment kid on the block Square has launched a new service leaving cash registers quaking in their, um, tills - ladies and gentlemen, apps and iPads; meet Register.

Square has only been around for two minutes, but already the electronic payment company has been making shockwaves through the virtual community - thanks to their revolutionary payment method. It's thanks to their innovative methods that their popularity has hit an all-time high, and given them the tools to release an application that turns your Apple iPad into a register. The name of the application? Register (obviously).

The free app lets businesses itemise its inventory with sheer simplicity, just by using the touch-screen methodology of the iPad - then displays transactions similar to the layout used by a self-checkout machine at the supermarket. Using the plastic dongle attached to the iPad, customers simply swipe their cards through the attachment and hey presto! Checkout completed.

Customers can also pay via cash or through the Card Case initiative, whereby the GPS-based app allows shoppers to pay by giving their name to the cash. For regular customers, the app can keep track of their loyalty as part of a rewards scheme - and to keep a tab on business statistics, the app also comes with browser-based analytics for further details.

It will be interesting to see how retailers take to this concept, but more importantly, how customers respond to this new payment programme.

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