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Steelseries Announces New Sensei RAW Mice At CeBIT

Steelseries has announced two new variants of its award winning Sensei gaming mice at CeBIT 2012: known as the RAW Rubberised and RAW Glossy.

While the Sensei was one of the most well received peripherals of 2011, yours truly giving it an Editor's choice award when I took a look at it, one of the long standing issues was the coating used for the main body and buttons. While supremely comfortable, it did allow for the build up of sweat and grime over several weeks and months. This is fine on a day to day basis, but if you ever want to lend it to someone, you better give it a clean first if you want to avoid the embarassment of the lendee feeling the need to do it themselves.

"When we built the SteelSeries Sensei, we knew that at the core of it, if you took out the on-mouse LCD menu and configuration options, it would be a really solid mouse from the sensor to the shape," said Steelseries CMO Kim Rom. He went on to explain that the RAW is a bare bones Sensei, featuring the high class sensor, the award winning shape and a brand new back design.

These two new versions offer up different main body coatings, each one with a different sort of gamer in mind. The rubberised back end is designed for the sweaty gamer - I'll hold my hand up there - while the glossy black one is more for those that weren't happy with the sleek silver look of the original.

Steelseries has also tweaked the RAW a little more, offering increased size teflon feet and an extended, braided USB cable. Available from June, the new Sensei mice will cost $59.99/ €59.99.

Source: Develop

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