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Zynga To Buy HQ For $228 Million

Facebook game maker Zynga is set to buy its San Francisco based headquarters building for $228 million, giving it access to the full 62,000 square metres.

The company moved into the old Sega premises in late 2011, renting around 65 per cent of space. However, when this deal is completed some time in the second quarter of this year, Zynga will have a lot more room for expansion.

The reason for this buyout - as well as it being an investment in itself - is thought to be because growth is on the cards for the company. Its employee numbers have already increased dramatically in recent years, peaking at more than 2,800. With hints from the firm that it plans to move beyond social gaming and into the online gambling market, it's not surprising that extra employees need to be taken on.

With the launch of the Zynga Platform as well, it's clear the company plans to try new avenues of gaming instead of just on websites like Facebook. The most likely move at this point would be to see an invasion of Zynga titles onto app marketplaces for Android and Apple smartphones - since that would increase the potential audience for the games by hundreds of millions.

However, whatever expansion Zynga is planning, it will need to focus on creating enticing and addictive games, since some of its own in-house developments like Mafia Wars 2, performed far worse than their predecessors.

Source: Games Industry

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