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1GB Of RAM To Be Inside The iPad 3 / iPad HD

As the release time for the third generation iPad approaches, the speculation around its presumed specifications has produced another rumour.

If you still have a little room on your iPad 3 wish-list of features and the betting isn't closed yet, we have another little piece of information for you.

Apparently, the highly anticipated iPad 3, or iPad HD, will feature double the RAM of the current top model sports - with 1GB. The information was published by AppleInsider and is based on leaked debug photos of the third generation iPad, provided by the iPhone jailbreaker known in the community as Chronic.

Among the code lines there is a little hint: "vm_page_bootstrap: 244276 free pages and 8396 wired pages."

From this, Josh Ong reached to the conclusion that the next generation iPad will feature 1GB of RAM.

Using simple math - "by multiplying the number of free pages by the size of a page (4,096 bytes)," the analyst made the good news extremely believable.

Still, there are a few hours until the announced media event and we might all find out exactly what this is all about.

However, to make the anticipation more exciting, some troubling rumours suggesting that Apple has something else planned for us on 7th of March and real release of the iPad 3 or iPad HD, will be on 10th of March.

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