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AM News: Toshiba USB 3 Monitor, Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 Ultrabook, 4G LTE iPad 3, 7.1-inch iPad 3 Mini

Looking for a dual-monitor setup on the move? Toshiba has the answer. One of the hidden (well not quite hidden) gems at Toshiba's 2012 product showcase was a 15.6in LCD monitor. Now, it's been a while since I've been excited about a 15.6in LCD screen - not since the about 1996, when I first started reviewing LCD screens, in fact. But this particular monitor is a little different, and warrants at least a little excitement.

Toshiba's high-resolution, glasses-free, big screen 3D TV goes on sale. Although Toshiba's ZL2 TV was unveiled a while back, the company announced today that it will officially go on sale next week - Monday 12 March. The ZL2 will be available to order exclusively from Oxford Street branch of John Lewis, where prospective customers can view the screen as part of a custom showcase.

Acer has bent the rules for the ultrabook sector by announcing a model, the Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, that shares more with a traditional laptop than with your run-of-the-mill ultrabook. The M3 packs a 15-inch display (possibly with a 1,600 by 900 pixels resolution), a 2-spindle design which allows a combination of SSD, HDD or optical drives to coexist, a dedicated graphics card, the yet to be announced Nvidia Geforce GT640M GPU based on the Kepler architecture and what Acer calls "the latest Intel Core processor" which we will assume is Sandy Bridge rather than Ivy Bridge (Acer says that the M3 will be in store worldwide by the end of March 2012, Ivy Bridge has yet to be announced).

It's time for the last of the iPad 3 rumours, as this time tomorrow we'll all get to find out details about the real thing. The hottest buzz surfacing on the Internet these days suggests that the third generation iPad will offer support for high-speed, 4G, Long Term Evolution data connectivity. This rumour about this high-end feature is not new, but until now has been more wishful thinking.

More rumours have emerged over a possible mini version of the iPad 3, one which may come with a 7.1-inch screen according to Devindra Hardawar from Venturebeat. Hardawar, who had also claimed that the iPad 3 would be called the iPad HD, didn't name the source which he described as being reliable. While the big iPad 3 or HD would feature a 2,048 by 1,536 pixels screen, the smaller model would have a 7.1-inch screen, rather than a 7.85-inch one as suggested by Digitimes.