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Amazon Could Be Set To Produce Its Own TV Content

Amazon could be set to produce its own original television content if a LinkedIn account of a new employee at the retail giant is anything to go by.

Joe Lewis - a man with a background in TV production - posted up a new account at the business social network, with his current position listed as "Vice-President of Original Television at Amazon." Of course that changed shortly after, with Mr Lewis switching it to Vice President, Production at Amazon Studios. According to the Fortune report, this occurred shortly after it asked him for more information.

This would hardly be a bad move for the firm which has recently got back into streaming and DVD rental in the UK by buying up LoveFilm, a company it originally sold its media renting business to a few years before. This new move however seems more TV focused, with the corporation apparently looking to take on several creative types to head up developments in comedy and children's TV programming.

Amazon wouldn't be the first to make this sort of move either, with YouTube, Hulu and Netflix all pushing into the original content game by providing large quantities of investor capital. Hiring a content director or a VP of Original Television doesn't sound quite the same sort of deal though. Whether the retail giant will actually produce any of its own shows is still unknown.

Perhaps it could do a comedy sketch show about workers passing out due to being made to work in overly hot conditions in a warehouse. Or did it do that already?

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