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Android And iOS Dominate 91% For Mobile Ad Traffic

Are you a supporter of Android or an Apple fan-boy? The US market seems to indicate that the smartphone arena is dominated by both parties - the question is, how will other platforms perform?

According to statistics gathered by Jumptap, January showed both Android and Apple made up a staggering 91 per cent of all smartphone traffic on its US mobile ad network. This amounted to an all-time high, for the two most prevalent mobile phone platform heavyweights.

Whilst Apple has enjoyed a significant increase in smartphone use since the launch of their pride and joy, the iPhone 4S, Jumptap's figures show that with regards to tablets, there's some friendly competition in the form of Amazon's Kindle Fire - claiming 33 per cent of all tablet traffic.

The numbers also show that despite Apple (with 32.2 per cent) and Google (with 58.8 per cent) enjoying their domination across its US ad network, of 95 million users each month, other competitors are losing their hold over their client base. RIM's BlackBerry accounts for a 6.7 per cent share of impressions, Symbian's 1.4 per cent, leaving Windows Mobile with a meagre 0.5 per cent.

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