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Anonymous Takes Down Vatican Website

Hot on the heels of its Panda Labs defacements, Anonymous has taken down the Vatican's own website in a protest against what it described was a "corrupt" church organisation.

"Anonymous decided today to besiege your site in response to the doctrine, to the liturgies, to the absurd and anachronistic concepts that your for-profit organisation spreads around the world," read a statement posted on an Italian anon website.

"This attack is not against the Christian religion or the faithful around the world but against the corrupt Roman Apostolic Church."

This is the second high profile attack the group has made since the announcement of the Lulzsec leader snitching on several other members of the anti-sec movement yesterday. Earlier today it was announced that Anti-Virus makers Panda Labs had been hit, with over 30 of its sub-domains being defaced with a message that decried the company's actions, as well as laughing at the irony of a security firm being hacked quite so thoroughly.

Apparently Panda Labs was heavily involved with monitoring IRC chat rooms and Anonymous hang outs in order to help inform the FBI and other government organisations on potential future targets of the hacktivist movement.

On top of revenge actions, much in the way of supportive messages and thoughts have been flooding in for those few hackers that were arrested in recent days, with many petitioning and calling for their release. Some claim that those charged are not even hackers, but political prisoners.

Source: GMANetwork

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