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Apple iLife Gets iPhoto update

Maker of the iPhone and iPad Apple has announced that it has completed its iLife suite of applications for iOS devices, with the introduction of iPhoto.

Apple made public this news at the launch event for the introduction of their third generation iPad tablet, which also saw the unveiling of a new apple TV device with support for 1080p video.

iPhoto offers up multi-touch gesture support on an app that allows the users to enhance and retouch pictures, by just using finger brushes.

The software has the ability to change an image's colour, contrast and exposure - by simply touching parts of a photo that need changing.

It's also possible to sort through hundreds of photos very fast and easily, with the help of the multi-touch capabilities of iPhoto and the iOS itself.

Sharing those finally retouched images can be performed through photo journals on iCloud, or from the more traditional sources of Facebook, Flickr and Twitter - besides beaming them between iPhone and iPad, and streaming them to Apple TV from AirPlay.

iMovie also gained an upgrade, with the ability to create hollywood-esque trailers on the iPad in HD; where GarageBand now comes with a Jam Session, where up to three people can wirelessly 'jam' together.

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