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Apple TV To Launch At The Same Time as iPad 3

Just hours ahead of Apple's big event, the rumour frenzy now includes the highly anticipated Apple TV.

Aside from the third generation iPad, probably announced as iPad HD, the Cupertino based company is expected to introduce to the market the mysterious J33 - which analysts believe is the codename for the new Apple TV.

This suggestion relies on the precedents that, so far, have only been known to Apple insiders. For instance, variants of the third generation iPad are called J1, J2 and J2a on the hallways of the Cupertino headquarters.

Inside sources, confirmed by reports from Asian supply chains, point out that J is the moniker related to the Retina Display.

The team at 9to5 Mac, are keen to catch Apple rumours first hand and the site has found out that Apple is expected to release, along with the third generation iPad - "the Apple TV J33 model, MD199LL/A - J33 BEST -USA."

The device is expected to hit the shelves at the $99 price point, where a mysterious B82 accessory will also be introduced. This is probably a dock, an A/V cable or a remote. Regardless of its function, 9to5Mac suggests it will come with the price tag of $39.

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