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Asus Shows Off Z77 Motherboards At CeBIT

Asus has shown off its next generation of Z77 based motherboards at CeBIT, offering new features as well as advanced cooling and some new unique styling.

The new boards are known as TUF (The Ultimate Force) Sabertooth Z77, P8Z77-V Deluxe, P8Z77 WS and ROG (Republic of Gamers) Maximus V Gene. They each support Intel's next generation Ivy Bridge processors and also feature Intel Smart Response Technology, Intel Smart Connect and Intel Rapid Start. PCIexpress 3.0 is natively supported, though it does not allow for the use of any PCI slots.

Some of the debuted individual features of the boards, include SupremeFX III audio and network traffic management on the Maximus V Gene, thanks to "Asus GameFirst technology." According to CDRinfo, the Sabertooth however has a unique "thermal armor" cooling system that coats almost the entirety of the board in a heatsink material. According to Asus this provides unparalleled levels of cooling and stability. This should make this a real treat for overclockers also potentially making it easier to condensation proof the board if using sub-zero cooling options.

Other new features 'across the board' include fan auto tuning through "Fan Xpert 2", that allows the motherboard to control the speed of fans based on their individual "thermal properties." Users can also make manual inputs if they so wish. There will also be specific profiles for reducing noise levels to near 0 decibels if wanted.

Here's a full rundown of each of the board's features and specifications:

Specs Table

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