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BIOS Maker Insyde Set To Reap Windows 8 Benefits

Insyde Software is a force to be reckoned with, as it looks as though this BIOS maker will be enjoying the advantages of Microsoft's Windows 8.

Taiwanese firmware manufacturer, Insyde Software, could be benefiting rather nicely from Windows 8 as the organisation is currently the fastest participant to undertake UEFI BIOS - as well as relishing the role of official Microsoft partner in the Windows 8 BIOS scheme, according to sources.

Despite Insyde enjoying a lead over its competitors in the notebook BIOS market, the organisation is still trailing behind American Megatrends (AMI) in the desktop arena - whilst the reputation of Phoenix Technologies hangs in the balance, in the BIOS sector.

As of now, the notebook BIOS business contributes to 80 per cent of Insyde's revenues, with the server BIOS business increasing to 15 per cent. This is thanks to the orders pouring in from Dell and China-based retailers. Google's Android also accounts for 5 per cent of its total revenues.

According to DigiTimes, last year Insyde had consolidated revenues of NT$1.33 billion (US$45.09 million) up 29.8 per cent on year, with net profits hitting NT$422 million, up 66.3 per cent on year, and earning per share (EPS) reached NT$11.03.

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